larvae in breast snopes breast rash, Photograph supposedly depicts a breast rash caused by ‘south american larvae’?.
Breast infestation – urban legends, Breast infestation. by david emery. netlore archive: viral image and video purport to document the medical case of a female anthropologist named susan mckinley who.
Breast larvae infestation from undergarments hoax – hoax, Breast larvae infestation from undergarments hoax summary: message that includes an image depicting an unusual rash on a woman’s breast, claims that the rash.

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Orange-headed thrush – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The orange-headed thrush (geokichla citrina) is a bird in the thrush family. it is common in well-wooded areas of the indian subcontinent and southeast asia. most.
‘postcard from hallmark’ virus hoax – urban legends, Note: some versions of the hoax below claim the information was "verified" on this is not true. what has been verified is a different e-card.

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