Great Canadian Company Cariboo Blades

When you think Cariboo Blades, you’re either thinking one or two things. One, “He spelled Caribou wrong.” Two, “Knives that are crafted from Caribou.” Well, the second part could be true, and I’m sure that if you requested it that it is possible for them to provide you with a knife crafted with the bones of a Caribou, just try to ask very nicely.

Caraboo Blades is located on the outskirts of Chilcotin, British Columbia in Canada. They created a company out of the ideals of sustainability living. They use recycled, previously used, and discarded materials from Canada’s historic logging camps.

The blades and knives are all carefully handcrafted from tough high carbon head sawmill blade steel. The handles are specially handcrafted so each blade that is crafted by Caribou blades is both unique and special. Ranging from a wide array of different tools, from hunting to cooking, and woodcarving, Caribou blades provide high quality and Canadian made products. They also provide art crafted by Aki Yamamoto, art that is indigenous to the regions that they live in, but also from the land of where she has come from, the land of the rising sun, Nippon! Or in English “Japan.”

The company is owned by Aki Yamamoto and Scott Richardson and is a family run business. You can check out their website by clicking HERE and if you’re interested in learning about their way of life, sustainable living; you can also check out their fascinating blog HERE.

With the amount of waste that we human’s create and the impact that we have on our environment, it’s great to know that there are people out there who are willing to use the materials that are discarded and make them into something that is both artistic and useful. Thank you Aki Yamamoto and Scott Richardson. I look forward to buying a blade from your humble company myself.

Great Canadian Musician Leonard Cohen

As a musician, Cohen defies the greats. His low melodic vocals, flavoured with pain, seasoned by love, softened by solitude; are enough to bring tears to stone. The first time I heard “Hallelujah“ my thoughts went silent, and my heart swelled with ecstasy. Those woody vibrations of an old Buddhist singing his skeletons out of the closet are a thing of fantasy. Here Frequently covered, and never equalled; Leonard Cohen is a ripple in time.

In short, ladies and gentlemen, this one man has it all. Be you child or beyond; we all look on in awe. Leonard Cohen is easily one of the greatest musicians alive. His astounding quality of imagination, and honest stamina put Cohen on a stage above any other. As Lou Reed put it, “We are lucky to be alive at the same time Leonard Cohen is.”

In the darker months that this country paints, in tones of snow, wind, and worse than usual drivers; it’s a necessity to gain perspective on pain and sorrow. If only to keep yourself stable emotionally, while still maintaining honest composure. Stepping calmly from the wildest inner reaches of our hearts is a man who is more deeply in tune than even Dylan. More dynamically resonant than Cash. Indeed, Leonard Cohen is perhaps the “prime mover” for the Canadian Music Scene as we know it. As recently as April 1st of 2011 he was awarded the 9th Glenn Gould Prize for “enriching the human condition through arts and innovation”. The decision was unanimous, an international panel of judges said “His poetry and music transcend national boundaries”.

As a poet, Leonard was first published in 1956, as a student at McGill University in Montreal, and since, his compositions have touched the world over. Certainly there have been trials and hardships. From his incredible relationship with Suzanne Elrod, to the betrayal of Kelley Lynch in 2005. Cohen stands as a beacon to the art community. Through it all he has provided nothing but the best in his ability to capture and relate the complex intricacies of human emotion. There is no doubt that his parabolic autobiography “The Favourite Game“ is a marvel of untainted personal perspective; that the poetry coerced by the same sojourn on Greece’s Hydra Island is nothing short of a monument to the potential depth of soulful communication.

“Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack, a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.”

-Anthem by Leonard Cohen

Listen to Anthem by Leonard Cohen

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Great Canadian Student Grants

Lots of students in Canada would be willing and capable to finish their studies. But, can’t due to financial reasons.

Luckily Canada offers several student government grants. The Canada Student Grants Program helps students get the financial assistance and help that they need. Canadian student grants shouldn’t be confused with student loans. Grants are better than loans. First, you don’t need to pay back the grants. All you have to do is make sure that the money is spent in accordance to the terms and conditions outlined by the grant. Grants are available in most Canadian provinces.

If you feel stuck in a dead end job and dream of better pay, better employment, and endless opportunities; then the Canadian Government wants to help.

Let’s take a look at some of the grants:

Canadian Student Grants For Persons From Low Income Families:

If you are a student coming from a low income family and you qualify for a federal student loan and if you meet the specific grant eligibility requisites, then you are entitled to have $250 grant money for every month of study.

Canadian Student Grants For Persons from Middle-Income Families:

If you are coming from a middle income family, and just like the above, if you qualify for a federal student loan while meeting all of the specific grant eligibility requirements, you can receive $100 per month of your study. If you are a university undergraduate, if you are a college student, then you can apply for this Canadian Student Grant.

Canadian Student Grants For Persons with Permanent Disabilities:

Within this grant, students who are suffering and plagued with permanent disabilities are entitled to up to $2,000 every academic year. These funds would be used to cover accommodation, tuition, books, and everything school related.

Canadian Student Grants For Persons with Dependents:

On this one, low income students that have children can have up to $200 in grant assistance every month of study…by the way, that’s $200 for every child who is under 12 years of age.

To find out more about these grants click HERE

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Great Fictional Canadians Captain Canuck

The younger cousin of Uncle Sam and Britain’s John Bull, Johnny Canuck was a wholesome simple-minded lumberjack that would eventually help Canada fight the Nazis, and almost single handily defeat Adolf Hitler. He was a war Hero. And like many Canadian war heroes he ended up living in Montreal with dreams of grandeur. He soon took to the stage performing in – Johnny Canuck and the Last Burlesque – the “historico-comedico-musical burlesque extravaganza”.

Since then Johnny has been the star of many YouTube videos. Including one that promotes the 2011 Vancouver vs. Boston Stanley Cup Playoffs (Click here to watch “My name is Johnny Canuck”). I’m sure even he would be disappointed at the riots after the game.

Good old Johnny Canuck the war hero/burlesque star paved the way for dozens of fictional Canadians. From Miss Canada to Dudley Do-Right, many extremely creative animators have personified our great nation in cartoon.

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Watch The Birth of Miss Canada and Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck and the Last Burlesque – ”A lot of the inspiration came out of the story of Lily St-Cyr, who was a famous Montreal burlesque stripper of the time, who put one of her own suicide attempts onto the stage as a strip number.

Great Canadian Artists Sons of York

Let’s start on the right foot and send our heartfelt gratitude to those who keep the country’s contribution to the scene, a source of constant growth and intrigue. That’s right folks, it’s time to salute the local talent. Sons of York, a Winnipeg born and bred trio of brothers: Jake, Cody, and eldest Luke. They play a blend of rock that is somehow both gritty and smooth. Indeed, the sweet licks, dubious harmonies, and entrapping rhythm make Sons of York an instant sensation. Their music is sensitive, without sacrifice of intensity, and their stage show is a must see. Please join me in raising a bic to these soon to be starstruck renegades.

Listen to – The grass don’t grow by The Sons of York

Listen to – Hurricane by The Sons of York

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