Great Fictional Canadians Captain Canuck

The younger cousin of Uncle Sam and Britain’s John Bull, Johnny Canuck was a wholesome simple-minded lumberjack that would eventually help Canada fight the Nazis, and almost single handily defeat Adolf Hitler. He was a war Hero. And like many Canadian war heroes he ended up living in Montreal with dreams of grandeur. He soon took to the stage performing in – Johnny Canuck and the Last Burlesque – the “historico-comedico-musical burlesque extravaganza”.

Since then Johnny has been the star of many YouTube videos. Including one that promotes the 2011 Vancouver vs. Boston Stanley Cup Playoffs (Click here to watch “My name is Johnny Canuck”). I’m sure even he would be disappointed at the riots after the game.

Good old Johnny Canuck the war hero/burlesque star paved the way for dozens of fictional Canadians. From Miss Canada to Dudley Do-Right, many extremely creative animators have personified our great nation in cartoon.

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Watch The Birth of Miss Canada and Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck and the Last Burlesque – ”A lot of the inspiration came out of the story of Lily St-Cyr, who was a famous Montreal burlesque stripper of the time, who put one of her own suicide attempts onto the stage as a strip number.

Great Canadian Artists Sons of York

Let’s start on the right foot and send our heartfelt gratitude to those who keep the country’s contribution to the scene, a source of constant growth and intrigue. That’s right folks, it’s time to salute the local talent. Sons of York, a Winnipeg born and bred trio of brothers: Jake, Cody, and eldest Luke. They play a blend of rock that is somehow both gritty and smooth. Indeed, the sweet licks, dubious harmonies, and entrapping rhythm make Sons of York an instant sensation. Their music is sensitive, without sacrifice of intensity, and their stage show is a must see. Please join me in raising a bic to these soon to be starstruck renegades.

Listen to – The grass don’t grow by The Sons of York

Listen to – Hurricane by The Sons of York

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Vancouver vs Boston The Deciding Factor

The game is over, and ecstatic Boston fans leave the stadium with glowing eyes and waving flags. In a display of stilling joy the priceless Stanley Cup is hastily passed from one grateful Bruins player to the next. Canuck fans are filed out too, but with eerily dejected gazes and slumping shoulders.

Where did the difference lay? Both teams were passionate, and both represented the heart of their home cities. Could it be in the quality of the coaches, or the amount of funding for better service? No, it seemed that the heart of the Canucks loss lay in their endurance; their heart. After two goals all viewers who were watching the game at this small Nanaimo residence could feel the disheartened threat of loss on the shoulders of the players. It was at this time that the Bruins had opportunity to gain strong confidence and fall back on their defence, and what defence it was!

Tim Thomas, the Boston Bruins’ goaltender won Conn Smythe Trophy; an award given for the most “valuable” player in the playoffs. He won this primarily for his 37 saves, and 96.75% stop rate.

When asked, Michael Jensen (a new found Canucks fan) said “they seemed to be good at a lot of things…but easily taken back when confronted”. In this sense, the first goal can be a game decider in itself, because it shows who the aggressive, dominating team is. Tonight that was Boston, and it remained apparent until the very end of the 4-0 game. Mark Quiambo, another fan said that “[this] game really provided insight into what the Canucks can do for the next season. I mean, even though this wasn’t really a failure, it is grounds for improvement, right?” He spoke the truth, because even though the Canucks didn’t come out the best, they still put out their own best effort.

The challenge for next year is raising that bar, and focus training on the weakest points. It is this self-improvement that is the challenge, because it is now up to all the players, whether it be Christian Ehrhoff or Roberto Luongo, to identify what they did well and what they need to do better next time. That will be the deciding factor for next season, and maybe then it will be Vancouver’s turn. It may not, depending on if they are willing to work for that growth.

As fans we will have to wait and see, and maybe take a page out of Boston’s book, for the strong and self-disciplined will rule the ice-or their life. We must accept that every year the most deserving team wins, and this year it was the Boston Bruins. Congratulations to them right now, and good luck to Vancouver in the future! All we can do is train, and hope that our team brings it back home.

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Our Great Canadian Music Writer Shawn Newman

A Sentimental Moment:

Bonjour, and welcome to the Great Canadian Online Magazine’s music segment. From Neil Young to The Guess Who; from Joni Mitchell to The Tragically Hip; you’ll read all about it here. This Great Country of ours has fostered some of the best and brightest; been the breeding ground for lyrical perspective; and even shed new light on an industry, seemingly daunted by shameless auto-tuning, and spiralling moral principle. But be warned; read on at your own risk, as, true to the heart of the north, this segment is just as graphically honest as the many great artists who inspire it.

Editors Note: We are really excited to have a Canadian musician writing about other canadian musicians! If you want to check out some of Shawn’s work click HERE

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Canadian Fashion Great Canadian Fashion

To you, the stylish wanderers of the internet, having the terms ‘Canadian’ and ‘Fashion’lumped together is probably as laughable an oxymoron as ‘cute’ and ‘Croc’. It is true that when compared to the giants—London, Paris, Tokyo, New York, and Milan *sigh*– Canada is like a toddler swimming in Mom’s dress up clothes. So what are the Canadian style starved to do? No, clinging to a foreign copy of Vogue and crying into your H&M dress does not count. Before surrendering to a lifetime of eBay and international shipping fees know that I am a forever optimist, a Canadian fashion loving optimist at that, and I won’t take ‘Just drive to Minot a couple of times a year’ for an answer. Armed with stubborn patriotism and an obsession err… passion for clothing I dug up some well-kept secrets that will have even the most jaded Canadian seeing the Tim Horton’s cup half full (Overt stereotyping! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

Used- House of Vintage 738 A 17th Ave SW Calgary, AB

It was the fuchsia patterned jumpsuit in the window that stopped me, after that it was all in the details. Fully stocked but not overwhelmingly so, Used had lots of vintage to offer minus that all too familiar mulching polyester smell. The friendly sales associate and I squawked over a Moschino jacket that *sob* had to be left behind. I eventually found a bucket of bronze cast jewelry in my price range and left with a Dali-inspired ring and a sense of knowing that I’d be back soon.

Second Hand Smoke by Shelly Court

Who would’ve thought a city famous for its coulees and um, nothing else could play host to such treasures? Shelly Court’s Secondhand Smoke brand, found in the downtown Lethbridge boutique Nicholai, is Southern Alberta’s life preserver to style. With a mash-up of colourful new and used textiles hand worked into a blend of retro and contemporary silhouettes, it’s really the paradox that makes the pieces so exciting.

Photographer: Eric Au, Models: Anna Nemtsova (Right) and Lauren Lepp (Left)

Gravity Pope 524 -17th avenue SW – Calgary, AB

Carrying high-end brands such as Comme Des Garcons and Opening Ceremony, Gravity Pope is the kind of store that can let the pictures do the talking.