A Great Canadian Comedian Russell Peters

Starting his career in Toronto, Ontario, Russell Peters has catapulted into the global arena in the past several years. His fans relate to his brand of observational humour that pokes fun at everything from race and class to culture and life experience.

In 2006 he released Russell Peters: Outsourced which sold over 100,000 copies. And in 2008 he released Russell Peters: Red, White, and Brown.

He is currently touring the states with a few stops in Canada with The New Majority Tour featuring Gabriel Iglesias, Steve Byrne, Lisa Lampanelli and of course Russell Peters. It’s “a once in a lifetime opportunity to see four of the hottest comics in the world on one stage.” With shows like this Russell’s career seems hotter than ever. Keep it up man!

Watch Russell Peters – How to become a Canadian citizen

What Did Stephen Harper do

As the Prime Minister Stephen Harper goes into his first year with a majority government some Canadians are documenting his every move. Posting things like “The census is how our government determines the state and needs of the country. Harper tried to secretly eliminate the long form census so that he could quite literally make uninformed decisions.” or “Stephen Harper doesn’t know the difference between people from India and First Nations people.”

The idea behind the website shitharperdid.ca is to keep the general public informed. This way when election time comes around we are not just voting, but making informed decisions about who we want representing our country. In a time when social media can make or break a campaign a site like this can be detrimental to a party. But, even with sites like this dominating the online political jungle, the liberals weren’t able to make the comeback they had planned. The new Official Opposition is the NDP and they are now tasked with keeping the government in check. Maybe Jack Layton should check out shitharperdid.ca to find out where to start.

What do you think about sites like this? How do you think Jack Layton will do as the leader of the official opposition? How do you feel after reading shitharperdid.ca? Leave a comment to let us know.

Epic Mealtime

What do drunken French Canadian cooks do on their days off? Epic mealtime gives you some insight into that question. Fortunately these guys decided to video tape the debauchery and post it on YouTube. I love Canada.

The crazy Canadian online extreme cooking show beaks all the rules. The videos are hilarious, the food is great and they are in the top ten most watched videos on YouTube. Bacon and meat, Ninja turtle soup, Candy BBQ, and lasagna layered fast-food burgers. It’s hard to imagine what these guys will come up with next. You can follow the show at www.epicmealtime.com; a new episode comes out every Tuesday.

With some unforgettable one-liners, and seemingly never-ending culinary concoctions epic mealtime has a recipe for success.

“We make your dreams come true, and then we eat them.”

“Next time we eat a baby”

Keep it up guys.

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Vancouver Canucks 2011 Play-offs

With game five back in Vancouver, and the Canucks leading the series 3-1 over the sharks the flames look like they might take it all the way! It seems like now is the time for Canada and hockey. In 2010 we won gold at the Olympics, and in 2011 we are well on our way to winning the Stanley Cup.

Read ehrh-on or Ehrh-off? By Derek Jory

“Regardless of where or how you’re spending Victoria Day, odds are good you’ve given some thought to the availability of Vancouver Canucks defenseman Christian Ehrhoff for Game 5 of the Western Conference Final.” Read more here