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Sylk natural intimate moisturiser, Welcome to sylk! if vaginal dryness is interrupting your life, sylk is made with you in mind. sylk keeps lovemaking and day to day life more comfortable whenever you.
Sylk natural personal lubricant | organic skin care, Sylk natural personal lubricant is doctor recommended. it reduces vaginal dryness and heightens sexual pleasure. it is gluten free and vegan. made for sensitive skin..
Faq’s | sylk natural intimate moisturiser, Sylk. why is sylk different to other lubricants? sylk is made from natural ingredients including a unique plant extract – the kiwifruit vine gum..

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Sylk ~ natural personal lubricant, Sylk has been especially formulated from an extract of the kiwifruit plant to replicate vaginal secretion and lubrication..
Frequently asked questions on sylk, How often do i apply sylk? as often as you feel is necessary to make sex not just comfortable but to feel great and make your experience – and your partner’s – as.
Sylk, Keep it natural – insist on sylk because, in simple terms, it’s made from something which is normally thrown away..

Faq’s – sylk personal lubricant official website, Sylk personal lubricant is an all-natural, water-based lubricant that can be used for intimate encounters by men and women or as an everyday personal hygeine product..
Sylk natural personal lubricant 40g – epharmacy, Sylk natural personal lubricant is silky, smooth & slippery. it alleviates vaginal dryness that can occur at any age for may reasons including stress, fatigue.
Sylk oil, lubricant & enhancer reviews australia www.sylk, Sylk is a wonderful product that provides great lubrication while being gentle on the skin. its natural water based, low odour formula makes it suitable for use with.

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Sylk Natural Personal Lubricant 40g (FREE SHIPPING) Sylk - All-Natural Personal Lubricant 3 oz: Beauty Sylk – All-Natural Personal Lubricant 3 oz: Beauty